Friday, November 18, 2016

M. Mogger's Restaurant and Pub: A Terre Haute Staple!

M. Mogger's Restaurant and Pub has been a Terre Haute, IN staple for years. I went to Indiana State University and my husband Ian went to Rose Hulman in Terre Haute. When I was in college, we went to Mogger's about once every two to three weeks. They had Champagne Velvet Beer, which a lot of my friends loved. I, on the other hand, was never really a beer drinker. I do love Bar Foods though, and would go along. Ian had gone to Mogger's a few times in his college years. This was the kind of local place you could take your parents when they came to visit.
Mogger's has a full service bar that serves specialty beers. The beers are actually brewed in a building that is caddy corner from the restaurant. 
The batter dipped fried mushrooms taste extremely fresh! We asked for two servings of Ranch. I really enjoyed these mushrooms! The mushrooms inside are very hot when the first come out. Be careful not to burn your mouth on them! The ranch has a good creaminess and great taste to it.
I ordered a bowl of chili with my dinner. It tasted like it was full of beer. I even asked the server if it has beer in it, and he said, not to his knowledge. I really didn't like it at all. I gave it to Ian to eat, and he enjoyed it.
Ian ordered the Beef Wiz with fries. This sandwich is Philly style beef with a cheddar cheese sauce on a bun. He enjoyed his meal. The sandwich was large enough for two meals. He also thought the fries were great!

I ordered the Tenderloin Sandwich! This is an Indiana favorite! The breading was done really well. I was so excited with the size of the tenderloin! This is truly how you make an Indiana Tenderloin Sandwich! I put the pickle, tomato, and mayo on the bun, and cut of all of the extra meat to pack up for later. I took the first bite of the sandwich, and started chewing. I just had to keep chewing and chewing! The pork was mostly fat and gristle. Fat doesn't bother me at all on meat, but there was so much gristle, the tenderloin was hard to chew. I'm hoping this was a fluke, and I just received a less than average quality piece of pork. In most of the times that I have been to Mogger's in the past, I usually got a burger. Those are always tasty. I thought I would try something different. 
I was a bit disappointed in this trip to Mogger's. I have such fond memories of going there in college. I saw my friends' bands play there. I went after concerts. I took my parents there.
The next time we go there, I will probably go back to getting the Pub Burger. If you are in Terre Haute and want to try a local business, try Mogger's! You'll find something there that you like to eat and especially to drink!

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