Friday, November 11, 2016

Mug N Bun: A Speedway Tradition!

When you ask someone about where to eat in the small area of Speedway, you are always told Mug N Bun!!! Mug N Bun is a drive in restaurant that also has a small dining area to sit in. You can drive up to the 50's style menu boards with speakers, press the button, and place your order, or you can sit in the small dining room and have a waitress take your order.
They are famous for their Root beer in a frosty mug and for coney dogs. 
We decided to sit in the dining room, because it had been raining that evening. I ordered a coney dog, the tenderloin, and a side of breaded mushrooms. I also ordered a Root beer. I was sad that the Root beer didn't come in a frosty mug. It came in a plastic cup!
Ian and his root beer that is not in a frosty mug. You can see the walls are covered in old signs and old advertisements. The root beer is pretty good, but it's not my favorite.

Chili Cheese Dog

 The cheese dog is just ok. This is supposed to be one of their name sake items. I put it on my list of items I can skip at Mug N Bun. The other items I ordered were better.
Breaded Mushrooms
Whenever I see breaded and fried mushrooms on a menu, I must try them! These were pretty good. The mushrooms are breaded, not batter dipped. These mushrooms are probably my favorite item that I ate for that dinner.
This is the Tenderloin, the sandwich Indiana is known for! It is not quite as huge as other Tenderloin Sandwiches, but it was big enough! I got it with onion and mayo. I liked this more than I liked the Cheese Coney Dog.
Mug N Bun serves Crinkle Cut Fries! What's not to love about that?!? These were actually Ian's fries, but I did taste one! They were pretty good!
Ian got the Patty Melt Hamburger. He LOVES Patty Melts. He said that this one was good.
I was a bit sad to realize that Mug N Bun does not use frosty mugs to serve their root beer! I mean, it's part of their name sake!!! The root beer was O.K, in my eyes. I'm sure I'll get flack for saying that. Mug N Bun is a Speedway, Indiana favorite. I've lived in Indianapolis for eleven years, and I have only gone to Mug N Bun twice. It does have a fun 50's atmosphere to it! If you live on the west side of Indianapolis, go ahead and stop in for lunch or dinner!

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