Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Coachman Restaurant and Lounge: Where Plainfield goes for dinner!

I asked a friend where I should go in Indiana to get Prime Rib. He immediately responded, "THE COACHMAN!!!" I said, "OK!" Then, my husband and I headed to the south west side suburb of Indianapolis, known as Plainfield with our friends Josh and Kristie.
When we walk in, there are panoramic pictures and pictures that are a view from the sky of the Coachman over the years. They remind me of the pictures my aunt and uncle had taken of their farm every year in the eighties. The Coachman really hasn't changed much. The only difference are the cars in the parking lot in each picture. We get seated immediately and start going through the menu.
 I decide to order the Prime Rib with the salad and a twice baked potato for my dinner. Ian decided to get the chopped steak with tortilla soup and the twice baked potato. Josh orders the Steak dinner, and Kristie orders the Spaghetti dinner.
 The house salad had a lot of extras including, cheese, croutons, tomatoes along with the dressing, which I got French.
This is the roll! It looked so inviting!!! The only issue was, it was a bit dry. Maybe it was a day or two old. I'm not sure.
Ian ordered the tortilla soup which came with a gigantic roll. Ian said the soup was seasoned well.
 Our meals came with perfect timing after we finished our soup and/or salads. Ian received his Chopped Steak and Twice Baked potato.
Josh is enjoying his New York Strip steak with twice baked potato. The steak was cooked to perfection!
This is the prime rib that I ordered. The plate was a bit messy! You can also see that the aus jus spilled onto my twice baked potato plate. The prime was was cooked to my pleasing. The aus jus created quite the mess!
This is my twice baked potato. The meal did not come with any side of horse radish or creamy horse radish to dip the prime rib. I ordered a side of sour cream to use instead. I tasted the twice baked potato, and it was so good!!! I ended up taking it home though.
Kristie ordered the spaghetti.There was a ton of cheese on the top of it!
There is decor like this all over the restaurant. It reminds me of a quieter easier time.
This is a little more of the decor. This actually makes me think of a grocery store back in the 40's or 50's.
This is Ian after dinner. He enjoyed his meal.
The restaurant is definitely a throw back to a previous era. There was a live band playing outside on the patio. We couldn't really hear it from our table. People that looked like the late 20's- 40's crowd kept going in and out the door to see the band.That did get a little old after an hour of it.
The server was very kind and knew what she was doing. It's always awesome to get a good server!!!  The bathrooms were clean.
Some of the atmosphere does feel a little dates, but if you take that away, you loose a little of the restaurant's charm. If we end up in the Plainfield area any time soon and need to eat, we will eat at the Coachman again! The prime rib was worth it!